Visa application process and requirements for applicants

(not tourist\visa processing agencies)

who intend to apply for Russian visa directly in the Russian Consulate General in San Francisco

(not in the Russian Visa Center, ILS).


Please note that prior appointment is mandatory. Visa applicants without appointment can NOT apply in the Consulate.


Visa application and  interview has to be made by applicants in person only (no mail application  or tourist\visa processing agencies submissions).

If applicant submits his\her application by mail or in person without scheduled appointment documents will be returned unprocessed, visa fee is unrefundable.


How to schedule an appointment for visa application and interview.



1.     Applicant has to send a request for an appointment by email to the Russian Consulate email address

It must contain following information and scanned documents:

       Full name, D.O.B., citizenship of the applicant.

       Applicant's travel passport number and its expiration date.

       Purpose, date of entry and period of staying in the Russian Federation.

       Color scanned copy of visa support documents received by the applicant from his\her Russian sponsor (a business invitation, tourist invitation\confirmation, private invitation). This copy must be sent as an email attachment to the appointment request. If applicant has a telex number as visa support it should be indicated in the message.

       Registration number of the web-based visa application form (the number located on the top of the completed and printed application form's first page followed by the identification letter - SFO). If visa application doesnt have letters SFO it can NOT be accepted by the Consulate. In this case applicant may apply in the Russian Visa Center, ILS only. Visa application form can be found here - APPLICATION FORM.

2.     Within appropriate time applicant should receive by e-mail confirmation message from the Consulate to his\her e-mail address indicating his\her file #, date and time of appointment\interview. This date and time can NOT be changed. If applicant is unable to visit the Consulate at the scheduled time he\she has to make a new appointment.

3.     At the time of visa application\interview applicant should have all relevant documents according to the visa requirements are available on the Consulate official web site - Requirements.

Visa processing time and the consular fee can be found here Fees & visa processing time.

Please note that if applicant applies directly in the Consulate money order\cashers check must be issued for the name of the Russian Consulate General in San Francisco. 

4.     If visa application is approved applicant is required to come personally to the Consulate with his\her receipt to pick up his\her passport with visa.

Date and time of pick up can be found on the applicants receipt.

 Sorry, no mail or courier delivery from the Consulate.


Please note that during the visa interview process Consulate Visa Officer may request additional documents (copy of applicants bank statements, air tickets, international medical insurance, criminal background check\police clearance certificate, etc.).